The 'Can't Miss' Episode of the SEASON!!!

I was watching T.V. the other night (yes, I occasionally DON'T work!), and a preview ad came on for a show called 'Blue Bloods'. The show stars Tom Selleck (remember 'Magnum P.I.'?!), who is a police officer working in New York City. This week's upcoming episode is supposedly one NOT WORTH MISSING, as the officers have to deal with a HUGE threat to the city. Not much more information was revealed, but one brief shot was pretty revealing...the camera was located in the back seat of a car, showing the rear view mirror and a scroll was hanging down, dark green with white Arabic writing...obviously, scripture from the Quran.

So yet another drama show on television exploits Muslim terrorists as a means to gain viewers. Nothing new. Then I was flipping channels tonight, and would you believe, 'The Insider' entertainment show was showing more previews from that same episode, dubbing it 'NOT WORTH MISSING'. My anger spilled over and so here I am!

I have seen SO MANY ads about drama shows which exploits Islam and uses Muslim characters, all of whom are terrorists. You know these ads, you've seen them! Ads showing Muslim men praying in unison and apparently oppressed women wailing at home; men arguing angrily with one another, building bombs, and scheming evil plans; Imams spewing hate during Juma'a Khutbas (i.e. the talk given by the Imam before Friday/Juma'a prayer)...and on and on and on. So yes, let's keep instilling fear among the already scared and ignorant, and let's give Islamaophobic people what they crave!!!

There have been many television shows and movies who have exploited Muslims in their plot lines. 75% of the plot line for the hit show '24' uses Muslim terrorists; there is the movie 'Syriana'; even the freaking show NCIS (ever heard of that?!) has done a show with Muslims 'bad guys'. And on and on and on. If I only watched more television, I'd be able to make the list MUCH longer! Even when I Googled this topic, there's nothing I could find. I CANNOT be the only one realizing that combining Muslims and terrorists in a television show will attract viewers.

So here is my argument (and point!!). Why are there NO SHOWS on television, apart from Little Mosque (Canadian show, woot woot!!), which portrays Muslims in a POSITIVE LIGHT?! For goodness sake, how hard can it be?!?!?! Add a Muslim doctor on 'Grey's Anatomy' or on 'ER' (in the past!!); add a Muslim lawyer on 'Law & Order'; add a Muslim investigator on 'CSI'; and etc etc etc. OH NO, but this wouldn't be attention grabbing, would it?! Because if you know your facts, you'll know that Muslims on average have 25% more education than non-Muslims, that Muslim immigrants are the LOWEST users of social welfare, etc etc. HOLLA HOLLA!!

And if you dig a little deeper about actual Muslim terrorists, you would know that psychological research has shown that certain conditions strongly determine the path a terrorist takes. Some factors include: (a) low self-esteem and feelings of 'loss' and 'non-belonging'; (b) lack of a strong social and familial support network; (c) time of vulnerability AND; (d) crossing paths with someone who plants idea of extremism AND salvation at the same time. There are of course other factors and each individual case is different, but these were the commonalities I found. And if you go back and LEARN about the history of 'successful' terrorists, you'll probably find at least some of these factors present.

Anyway, back to my point...and I DO have one!!! One of the biggest reasons Muslims are seen in a negative light is because of the media. With fictitious terrorists called 'Abdul' and 'Ahmed' running around on primetime television, and oppressed women all dressed in black, what hope can we ever have of overcoming these stereotypes?!

FINALLY, instead of the media asking 'Where are all the moderate Muslims?', they should instead ask 'for over 1.2 billion Muslims in the world who believe in a religion of PEACE, why are there only a SMALL MINORITY of radical Muslims and WHAT CAN WE DO to help turn this around?'


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