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The 'Can't Miss' Episode of the SEASON!!!

I was watching T.V. the other night (yes, I occasionally DON'T work!), and a preview ad came on for a show called 'Blue Bloods'. The show stars Tom Selleck (remember 'Magnum P.I.'?!), who is a police officer working in New York City. This week's upcoming episode is supposedly one NOT WORTH MISSING, as the officers have to deal with a HUGE threat to the city. Not much more information was revealed, but one brief shot was pretty revealing...the camera was located in the back seat of a car, showing the rear view mirror and a scroll was hanging down, dark green with white Arabic writing...obviously, scripture from the Quran.

So yet another drama show on television exploits Muslim terrorists as a means to gain viewers. Nothing new. Then I was flipping channels tonight, and would you believe, 'The Insider' entertainment show was showing more previews from that same episode, dubbing it 'NOT WORTH MISSING'. My anger spilled over and so here I am!

I have…

The Week the MEN Went!

So I remember a couple of summers ago there was a CBC show called 'The Week the Women Went'. A small town in Nova Scotia, I believe, actually shipped away all women for a week so that the MEN had to run the entire town by themselves. I only caught one episode, but it was quite interesting. And then I recently started thinking about purposely doing the OPPOSITE, shipping all MEN away, so that us HIIJABI women can enjoy some unrestricted freedom for a while. I'm not saying that we should clear men from the entire city of Calgary, but I did think of these key places, since us Muslim Sistahs like to frequent them once in a while!

1. The Mall
Can you imagine going shopping without having your hijab tangle up in the clothes you're trying on? Or, trying on clothes and not squinting to death trying to imagine what the outfit would look like with a matching hijab on? Subhanallah, it would be amazing! P.S. In terms of specific malls, I choose Southcentre and Cross Iron Mills ;)