STOP confusing non-Muslims!

So this post is somewhat related to my previous one, and has to do with the ongoing debate about whether people's practices are cultural or religious in origin. This is not only confusing Muslims in general, but imagine how NON-MUSLIMS feel when they see us putting our own spin on religious practices. Here are a few areas that I've experienced confusion from others in terms of culture vs. religion:

1. The Hijab Debate

OK, so I have heard girls say that it's ok that they don't wear hijab now because once they get married they will. And then non-Muslims get confused because they assume that all hijabi wearing girls must be married and that this is an Islamic practice. WRONG!! When to wear hijab is completely a personal choice! There is NOTHING in the Quran or Hadiths that states marriage is the time in a woman's life when hijabi maturity occurs!

2. The 'Courting' Debate

This is another point of contention among various cultures. In Iran, it's ok for an engaged couple to be out and about together in public. Notice I say in PUBLIC! The true is the same among other cultures. However, if you read the Quran, this ain't what is stated! Opposite sexes are not supposed to be alone together, period. So some cultures employ the use of a 'chaperone' to hang out with the couple. Because in Islam, two is the Devil's company, and three is halal. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with this certain issue, because each family will have their own opinion and practice. All I'm saying is that 'courting' practices vary!

3. The 'Music' Debate

Let me use Iran again, because I am in the know with that culture! Most Iranians like to party...and I mean, party (NOTE: I am NOT one of these people, again, depends on the family!). Whether sexes are mixed or separate, crank out some music, and you'll have the floor rockin' in no time! Some cultures embrace music whole heartedly, whereas others abhor it. Even within cultures there are differences. Music continues to be an ongoing debate among Islamic scholars and is a touchy subject. But again, there is no blanket practice. You won't hear music blaring in the streets of Saudi Arabia, but head over to  Iran and you'll see youth rebelling against Shariah law by blasting music while speeding down the highway at night.

4. The 'Marriage' Debate

This is my BIGGEST beef! And here is why...I have heard of couples not getting married (despite amazing compatibility) because one party rejects the other for not being from the same culture. Hold on a second! Aren't open mindedness, willingness to learn, and flexibility all important virtues in a partner, since they want to learn more about your culture and be immersed in it?! Not to mention that in the Quran, culture is NOT listed as one of the criteria one should use when considering someone for marriage. In fact, the criteria should be: (1) Religious piety; (2) Good and honest character; (3) Financially STABLE (notice it's not RICH!); (4) Family values.

Inter-cultural marriage is quite common these days, and why not?! I'm a hodge-podge Muslim myself remember, 25% Iranian, 25% Pakistani, and 50% Canadian! I'm not going to make my life harder by limiting myself to considering Iranians and Pakistanis! To be frank, culture plays no relevance to me. But someone who's a hodge-podge Muslim himself? Now we're talking! ;)


  1. I love these topics, and your picture, never seen it in my life a moslim man kiss his wife like this. too bad eh?


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