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STOP confusing non-Muslims!

So this post is somewhat related to my previous one, and has to do with the ongoing debate about whether people's practices are cultural or religious in origin. This is not only confusing Muslims in general, but imagine how NON-MUSLIMS feel when they see us putting our own spin on religious practices. Here are a few areas that I've experienced confusion from others in terms of culture vs. religion:

1. The Hijab Debate

OK, so I have heard girls say that it's ok that they don't wear hijab now because once they get married they will. And then non-Muslims get confused because they assume that all hijabi wearing girls must be married and that this is an Islamic practice. WRONG!! When to wear hijab is completely a personal choice! There is NOTHING in the Quran or Hadiths that states marriage is the time in a woman's life when hijabi maturity occurs!

2. The 'Courting' Debate

This is another point of contention among various cultures. In Iran, it's ok for an engag…

Occupational Therapy at the Mosque

Today was not a good day! I usually feel really high on the confidence scale, but occasionally, I crash back down and have a hard time keeping my head up. Today was one of those days. And you know how you have one negative thought, and then a million more follow, and your life seems to be in shambles, whereas in reality, alhamdullilah everything is alright?!?! Crazy how the human mind works (and Shaytan!). Anyway, my day was completely turned around by a girl at the mosque...

So I decided to go to the Northwest mosque today for Taraweeh, and had the privilege of hearing the nephew of Abdul-Baasit recite sura Ar-Rahman, my absolute favourite chapter of the Qu'ran. It was amazing, I should have pulled out my phone and recorded a 'voice note' ha!

Anyway, back to the story! There was a girl sitting against the wall, very pretty with wearing a sparkling blue hijab, and I noticed she has Down Syndrome. The OT in me kicked in automatically, and between waiting for the next part of…