The Top 10 Reasons why...

Ok, here is it, Letterman style, the top 10 NON-ISLAMIC reasons why it's cool to wear hijab.

10. I can convince kids that I work with that I'm actually bald!
9. More reasons to go shopping! Do you really think I'm going to wear a summer pattern in the fall? I don't think so!
8. Protects from weather elements: rain, snow, sleet, you name it!
7. Protects from animal elements: aka bird dropping! (don't laugh, I stopped for a rest while biking in Vancouver and got pooped on!)
6. I like to confuse people! I swear, I get the weirdest looks when I open my mouth and speak perfect English with a Canadian accent!
5. Keeps me warm in the winter! If you know me well, you'll know I get cold easily! I haven't been as cold the past two winters :)
4. Prevents 'airplane' hair when traveling. You know, when you have overnight flights and you sleep, only to wake up without realizing a huge lump at the top of your head when your ponytail shifted.
3. I can color my hair whatever color I want, even blonde, and no one would know! (ok, I haven't actually done this...YET!)
2. Makes it easier to check out potential...I mean...well, you know....when you fit in and are 'undercover'! (GASP!)
1. It saves me THIRTY minutes in the morning!!! ;)

P.S. Real reason is below ;)


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