Myth Busters: Headscarf Edition

Ok, I've totally had it! Recently, I had someone give me a non-stop lecture about how crazy I was to wear a headscarf, and that I'm 'wasting' my youth being religiously devout, and that I'm OBVIOUSLY not living life to its fullest. Below are some of the de-bunked myths which echo much of what hijabi women are judged about.

MYTH #1: Your husband, brother, or father forced you to wear the headscarf!

FACT #1: You really think this? I don't think so! Women choose to wear a headscarf, it's a matter of personal choice, as evidenced by many Muslim women who choose not to wear one. The Quran reiterates that women have a choice in their lives, from who they want to marry to choosing to educate themselves outside of the house, and regarding the hijab too! So stop blaming male oppression of women as the reason for covering up, dude!

MYTH #2: Women who wear the headscarf are living in the 16th Century! It's the year 2010 man, get with the times of female liberation!

FACT #2: Let's get one thing straight! Headscarf does NOT equal oppression. If anything, when I started wearing mine, I felt more liberated! Why? Because I finally felt like I had a true identity, instead of being some amorphous blob stuck between being Canadian and Muslim. I am now a Muslim-Canadian. I also feel more feminine with it on, and I feel like I am looked at for my personality and values, NOT for my appearance.

MYTH #3: Women who wear the headscarf will have a tough time getting married, 'cause guys don't want a religious girl!

FACT #3: All Muslims know and believe in destiny. The Quran states that our lives are written for us by the time we are 40 DAYS OLD in our mothers' womb, including who we will marry and when. So women do not worry about finding someone who will accept their choice to cover, because their partner is out there. Now, there is another side to this. Let's say someone does judge and reject you for wearing the hijab. My advice? "Ditch him like yesterday's news 'cause he ain't worth it!'

SUMMARY: Women who wear hijab will tell you that they are living life to its fullest, and the same holds true for me. I didn't stop living life the day I chose to cover, I started living it. It's an extremely difficult concept to explain, since you need to feel a certain way spiritually in order to connect with the whole headscarf experience. If I asked any one of you to just try wearing a headscarf for one day, it wouldn't be the same, and you'd most likely be focused on how other people look and treat you than on how it's making you feel spiritually and your connection to God. But trust me, I'm as happy as can be, and don't regret for a second my decision to wear hijab. If there are people who aren't ok with my decision, well then they can just...uh know! ;)

P.S. I just liked this cartoon, LOL! :)


  1. I love this post!! And I really love the passion and conviction behind your decision!! Sameera, keep doing what you do!!

  2. I often say the head is connected to the body is it not? Some people like to wear shorts all year around and others pants and yet others more change with the seasons. Why can the same logic not apply to the head? Is it a billboard for make up companies and hair salons?

    Looks at 3 and thinks, "people that think such probably think hijabis NEVER take off their hijabs. Read into that as you will I think you shall get what I am thinking (trying to keep thing PG)." Also best friend period in my adult life was a girl from Qatar which is a Wahaabi Islamic country and she met me mom and bro (and cat).

    PS I love me some Persepolis as well esp. that scene because it is so true of fetishist Muslims. Even made one of my comic strips as a homage to that scene.


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