The language of Muslim peeps

We all know that within various cultures and subgroups that there are many different languages or forms of a language (i.e. slang). Since the most common language among Muslims is Arabic (and within each country there are different forms on Arabic), I thought I'd give the low down on universal phrases used among Muslims. And hey, if you feel like practicing these, go for it!!! They are pretty easy to learn :)

As-Salaam-mun-alaikum (greeting when you see another Muslim) --> May the peace of blessings of Allah be upon you!

Wa-alaikum-as-salaam (greeting back to Muslim #1) --> And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you as well!

Alham-du-lillah (response when someone asks how you are) --> 'Thank Allah'

Inshallah! --> God willing (this is the most commonly butchered phrase among Muslims and is used erroneously quite often!!! But this is the topic of a whole other blog posting!)

Sub-hanallah! --> 'Glory be to Allah!'

Mashallah! --> Literally means 'Whatever Allah (God) wills'. It is often used in occasions where there is surprise in someones' good deeds or achievements. For example people say Mashallah when someone does very well in their exams.

Astagh-firillah (my personal favorite!) --> "I ask Allah forgiveness." A Muslim says this phrase many times, even when he is talking to another person. When a Muslim abstains from doing wrong, or even when he/she wants to prove that he is innocent of an incident he/she uses this expression.

So the next time you're bouncing down the street and see another Muslim homie heading your way, don't be afraid to pull up this posting on your smartphone and throw out a few Arabic phrases to a Muslim peep ;)

p.s. Sameera only pretends to talk street slang, she really doesn't do this in real life!


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