I feel the need for SPEED!

So I bought a new bike this past Thursday, and have been doing a fair bit of riding. As a person, I consider myself quite reserved and not too crazy, yet still outgoing. But something happens to me when I get on my bike...I turn into a SPEED DEMON! I am absolutely in love with the challenge and freedom of biking! First of all, the fact that on a bike I blend in and look anonymous is a pretty sweet deal. Second, friends will agree I push myself at work, and on a bike, it's no different. I look for a giant hill or a LOOOONG gentle incline to try and conquer. Third, there's something about going full speed ahead on a paved pathway or trying out an unpaved trail snaking beside a quiet and crystal clean river. I wish I had started biking seriously sooner! It's exhilarating yet calming, and provides an outlet for my restlessness!

On the side, my old bike (double suspension, 15" frame) was inherited from dad. Not only did it weigh a ton, but even with the seat raised as high as it could go, I was still getting back pain and my knees would flex past 90 degrees. No wonder I look so grumpy in the picture below! I didn't spend too much on my new bike, bought it from SportChek, a men's 17.5" IronHorse. It's light, agile, and the larger wheel diameter and tire thickness is awesome for traction on unpaved trails. I just added a seat wedgie bag, haha, and a water bottle holder too. So I'm good to go, and plan to keeping tearing up trails until the white stuff hits, hopefully WAAAYYY down the road! :)


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