Welcome and Salaamalaikum!

Wow, you're reading my blog! :) I've decided to try a blog aimed at Muslim and non-Muslim women. Why? First, I want to debunk any stereotypes others may have about devout Muslim women who wear a headscarf (hijab). I guarantee you, I am nothing like those stereotypes! Second, I want to support other Muslim women in living an active and healthy lifestyle! There are just not enough resources for Muslim women who want to pursue activities yet still want to abide by Islam. I believe I've found that balance, and I want to share my 'tips and tricks' with you!

Despite being an activity and outdoor junky, my daytime job is an Occupational Therapist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I love it to death, but like anyone, if you work hard, you should also play hard!

Since summer is at hand and I'm a hiking enthusiast, that will be the topic of my first post. For all you Muslim sisters out there who want to hike but have never tried it, have no fear!!! It's not as hard as it looks, and I've found a way to beat the heat with cool clothing options :)

Until my next post, Salaams and over and out!



  1. cutie!! i'll hike wit u any day! good post for first meeting u

  2. CHUNK!! You blog stalker LOL that's an old post! Wow, can't believe it's from almost 2 years ago!

  3. Asalamu alaikum Sis,

    You mentioned in one of your blog that there was an Mussalah in Prince Albert. Is it still there ? if yes then what is address?



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