Hiking and hijab-ing!

Hello again!

Ok, so the topic of the day is hiking n' hijab-ing (for those who don't know, the 'hijab' is the headscarf women wear). I started wearing hijab almost two years, and I knew one thing for sure: it was NOT going to stop me from pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle. And it hasn't. If anything, I've become MORE active since then, and the sky is the limit ;)

Hiking is an awesome activity for all of you sisters, no matter your fitness level, even for all of you new moms! However, it's wise to hydrate yourself and of course, wearing the right gear is really important. I've trialed a few different outfits over the past two summers, and have perfected the the perfect hiking hijab!

1. Pants: Lululemon

I love Lululemon (kudos to friend Shannon for getting me hooked!). The BEST pants they have for hiking are the Dance Studio Pant II
Talk about awesome-ness, I not only wear them hiking but great for walks and flights, since they super comfy and light! Another option are the 'Still' Pants
The awesome part is that they come in regular and tall sizes AND the store will hem for free. Yes, they are a little pricey, but I've bought cheaper pants and (a) they lose their shape and sweat wicking abilities and (b) they don't fit as well! Lulu pants are well worth the investment, I've had 2 pairs for 2.5 years and they are still in top condition!

2. Top: layer with sweat-wicking tank and long sleeve

Here's the trick: wear a sweat wicking long tank to hide your bum bum, and a sweat wicking long sleeve top.

For the tank, try Lululemon again, as well as Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). I have two tanks I use, both Lulu, but I bought them a while ago, and their stock changes. The long sleeve tops I wear are from MEC (www.mec.ca). I'm pretty tall (5'9"), so I can't but stuff from SportChek or other athletic stores because their stuff is too short!! :)

3. Hiking Shoes:

I love the Merrell pair I bought a couple of years ago, they have 'Vibrant' sole technology which contours to your foot. Try SportChek and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

4. Hijab:

Throw away those darn heavy pashmina hijabs for hiking! Go with something lightweight and light colored. Try changing how to tie the headscarf. I gather mine at the back of my head under my pony tail, bring the longer half around to cover my neck, over my pony tail and then secured at the side. It makes a world of difference. Check out the picture above to try and see what I mean! :)

5. Sunglasses:

Try looking for sunglasses with thin handles so they slip in and out of your hijab without shifting or loosening the fabric. I love the D & G ones I have, but there are other brands too.


  1. assalamualaikum, hello :) i'm a 16 year old muslim girl who lives in Indonesia, and i started to do some hiking too. i also wear a headscarf. and i look up on the internet, the hijabs for hiking and i found your blog.do you have recomendations for the hijab that i would wear ? thx wasalamualaikum

  2. Salaamalaikum and hello! I wouldn't wear anything special for hiking. There are sport/running hijabs that are tight fitting and made of polyester and a mix of other fabrics, but I don't know that they cool you down any more. I just tie mine looser and usually behind my neck. I then throw another scarf around my neck. Or, I have worn a hat and a scarf underneath, which then goes around my neck. Just play around with what works for you :) I hope this helps and happy hiking!

  3. Salam sis I am interested in getting into hiking.. do you hike yourself or in a group? have you stayed in huts before? I would like to ask you more about hiking if you can email me as I couldn't find any other blogs of muslim women who hike. thanks!

    1. Salaam! Thanks for posting this message. I tend to hike in a group or with one other person, I've only ever hiked alone when I've been traveling. I haven't stayed overnight on the trail, I'm a little accustomed to hotels so roughing it is something I'm not completely comfortable with lol. Let me know what other information you need, by posting on here, and I'll try to help in any way that I can! :)


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